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All 50 Approved – All 5 Awarded – 5-1

July 19, 2010

Finally we’ve come to the final 5. They’re briljant and if you have the same great taste in anime as me, you knew they were coming. If you expected another show, I think I placed that one 51st or I might not have seen it yet. Well nobody reads these texts anyway. Scroll down and marvel at my top 5. Read the rest of this entry ?


All 50 Approved – Love – 10-6

July 18, 2010

There is no greater reason or better argument than love. I can objectify my liking of anime and criticly defend my personal favourites, but at the core, some things are unexplainable. When you have crossed the fine line between ‘like’ and ‘love’, there is no more room for negotiation. Clearly, I’m in a romantic mood. Entering my top10, that fine line starts blurring and I don’t hold myself accountable for even more biased writing. When all objectivity fails me, the limits of my insight are clear. Read the rest of this entry ?


All 50 Approved – Time – 15-11

May 21, 2010

This top 50 in all its eternal glory is just a momentary state of mind. Two months ago I came up with the idea of ranking my favourite anime. Easily impressed it wasn’t long before I had 50 shows I couldn’t leave out. I systematicaly divided the selection into two pools, one better one worse, and again and again. A fine tric for more intuitive ranking, because when you think about it, it’s comparing apples and oranges. The result is in favor of my more subjective favourites and that’s how it should be. But I also realise these are the shows that I value more or less depending on my mood. Even though my personal feelings might change in time, I don’t think this makes a momentary ranking less true.

Time. It is not by coincidence that it’s such a reoccurring theme in anime. It’s one of the points where live-action is limited. Anime characters can stay forever young, or they can age in seconds. Time skips are always great. Youth memories, time travel and futuristic scenery, they can add so much to the already timeless anime world.

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All 50 Approved – Design my world – 20-16

May 19, 2010

Every anime has been created from nothing; a blank paper and a pencil. The possibilities are endless, only limited by our own imagination. Reality is only a starting point for animating anything you can ever think of, because it makes no difference whether the sky is green or people can fly. Nonetheless every alternate world needs to have a certain familiarity, otherwise it would distract the viewer from the main story. As a result most anime take place in the world as we know it, only altered slightly when it is interesting for the story. Call me escapist, but I prefer it when they stear away as far as possible from reality. Flying islands, spider shaped castles and shuriken galaxies. They should exist.

Let’s enter the top 20…

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All 50 Approved – Teach me – 25-21

May 13, 2010

After all these years I’m not sure whether I like japan because of what it is, or because it’s an imposed feeling after consuming too much anime. Things like japanese history, food culture or religion are not really my cup of tea, but lots of series have awoken my interests in these things and even more obscure stuff like mahjong. Is it because the small hints at these things make me curious for more? Or is it because I feel a little frustrated when I miss the meaning of something out of ignorance?  I often put my episode on hold and dive in google or wikipedia for more information. Who ever said cartoons are not educational?
Number 25 is a perfect example of this; my next batch of favourite anime..

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B Gata H Kei is textbook shoujo

May 10, 2010

This weekend I started watching B Gata H Kei, a new series about a high school girl aiming to have 100 sex partners. You might conclude this will be another brainless ecchi show, but it’s actually quite refreshing. My verdict after the first 5 episodes would be that it’s engaging, surprisingly romantic and with a lot of great comedy. In fact, it’s a smart new concept: shoujo in ecchi disguise.

Don't be misled by the thong, look at the bubbles!

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All 50 Approved – Underdog – 30-26

May 7, 2010

Here in Belgium everyone loves underdogs. Being a small country that through the centuries has been dominated by a lot of different empires, we have declared low profile a virtue. As a result, the winner of our tv-version of “Idol” gets won, not by the best singer, but by someone nice and earnestly hardworking. I’m totally belgian. If I find myself some anime series that is not too well known, not too popular but still pretty good, I just love it more by reflex.
Read further for the continuation of my 50 favourite shows. Halfway there..
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