Let’s try this again. Happy New year!

February 27, 2011

Time flies. 2011 came crashing in when I wasn’t paying attention and now it’s already going so fast that I even find it hard to wish you a happy new year. Suddenly it’s not even about 2011 anymore but about the rather random great revival of this blog! Youkoso!

I did neglect my blogging duties for a long time, although I never intended to, but I’m easily distracted and hard to motivate. But I’m back with ambition…
So get ready for Limited Insight, 2011 edition!
My goals this year include the study of all 2000something official japanese kanji, some frequency on this blog and most urgent; the finalisation of my blogposts about my trip to Japan almost a year ago. I have the written version in dutch and some thousands of photographs so it should’t be that hard. Wish me luck!

And so this begins with the official 2010 goodbye speech.

2010, year of the tiger, it was a pleasure being with you.
I’ll remember you for doubling the delicious noitaminA tv-block giving me anime that matters.
I’ll remember you for the 600th chapter of One Piece, still standing strong in it’s shonen leading position. May the time skip provide us with more awesomeness than ever before.
I’ll remember you for the first airing of original japanese spoken anime on Belgian television. Even with Bleach and Death Note it wasn’t a big succes, but a milestone whatsoever.
Personally I’ll remember the completion of my 200th anime series, A splendid trip to Japan,
And the long awaited purchase of a proper bookcase to hold my manga collection. Goodbye 2010!

Well, now that I’m filled with good intentions I’m off to work on new limited insightful content.
Welcome back!


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