All 50 Approved – All 5 Awarded – 5-1

July 19, 2010

Finally we’ve come to the final 5. They’re briljant and if you have the same great taste in anime as me, you knew they were coming. If you expected another show, I think I placed that one 51st or I might not have seen it yet. Well nobody reads these texts anyway. Scroll down and marvel at my top 5.

5. Hellsing Ultimate

Satelight + Madhouse / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Extreme violence and sarcasm. The basic premise of Hellsing can be defined by these two things and that’s all you need when you have incredible style. The combination of brutal action and breathtaking imagery makes up for my most fascinating viewing experience so far. It can be disgusting or deliciously prejudiced, but it looks amazing every second.

4. Spice & Wolf

IMAGIN + Brains Base / Synopsis / Wikipedia

You might have noticed in this list that I have a big soft spot for well executed subtle character interaction. Spice & Wolf does this to perfection. Clever dialogues, nuanced development and sparkling chemistry between the two main characters. Meanwhile medieval economics enrich the story and offer some educational value too. All things said, there is no doubt about the true spotlight: wolfgirl Horo. The most complete wellrounded fascinating heroine I’ve seen so far. Horo demonstrates that smart is sexy, she’s intelligent yet playful, she’s confident yet surprisingly vulnerable. And with Lawrence she found her match.


Gainax + Production I.G. / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Fooly Cooly, FuriCuri or just short FLCL is a short turbulent ride through the world of a teenager boy that has just gotten into overdrive. The boy’s first lessons in love and life are brutally shaped by an invasion of a hot alien girl, electric guitars, robots, a pyromaniac and what else. All in an absurd pace with great rock music on top. It’s stylistic, metaphorical and always fresh and exhilarating. The story is composed of a multitude of insane random ideas, but somewhere inside it’s a coming of age story of that young boy, but a million times more awesome.

2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gainax / Synopsis / Wikipedia

TTGL is vibrating with energy because of the central theme of the unlimited potential of people. Every climax in TTGL is just build-up for an even bigger climax. It’s the sheer definition of GAR. Kamina is the greatest badass hero you will ever see, only to be surpassed by Simon, Yoko the ultimate anime babe, and damnit there are giant robots fusing together throwing galaxies against eachother. It’s a shot of adrenaline you won’t likely forget, ever.

1. Nodame Cantabile>

J.C. Staff / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Objectively speaking, the animation and production might not be the best out there, but there is no other anime I love so wholeheartedly than Nodame Cantabile. NC features the instant lovable main character, twenty years old Nodame, a slightly weird, messy and dreamy girl with a passion for music and crazy phantasies. Because of her crazy unique character she makes a bunch of excentric friends, while her musical talent grabs the attention of the completely opposite Chiaki, a composed ambitious fellow student at the conservatorium. The folowing story is a marvelous combination of light comedy, light drama, classical music passages and subtle but sparkling romantic development. More recognisable and real than most series, Nodame Cantabile is interesting, on top of being fun and addicting. But really, this show sells itself. Watch it! NOW!


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