All 50 Approved – Love – 10-6

July 18, 2010

There is no greater reason or better argument than love. I can objectify my liking of anime and criticly defend my personal favourites, but at the core, some things are unexplainable. When you have crossed the fine line between ‘like’ and ‘love’, there is no more room for negotiation. Clearly, I’m in a romantic mood. Entering my top10, that fine line starts blurring and I don’t hold myself accountable for even more biased writing. When all objectivity fails me, the limits of my insight are clear.

10. Toradora

J.C. Staff / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Toradora starts off like a show you have seen before: a love triangle between a tsundere loli, a genki girl and a typical nice guy (this time with a not so nice face). It’s well executed, colorful and it looks nice, but nothing more than the usual lighthearted entertainment. However, the show truly starts to shine when it turns out there’s a lot more going on underneath. Despite appearances, Toradora shifts quickly to some genuine drama. And this show does drama like it should be done. Powerful and real with well placed comic relief.

9. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Kitty Films + Artland / Synopsis / Wikipedia

LotGH was made from 1988 until 1997 and contains 110 episodes of quality production and top notch voice acting. An ambitious project that cannot be described in few words. It’s a grand scale space opera with dozens of fully developed characters, insights in political, militaric, sociological and economical concepts. It’s timeless and thought provoking, a clash between cultures, philosophies and charismatic leaders. It’s intelligent and relevant and from a completely objective point of view, it is by far the single best anime on this list.

8. Ergo Proxy

Manglobe / Synopsis / Wikipedia

This is emo. Ergo Proxy is cold and dark and deals with heavy stuff like existentialism. The matching art style is equally dark and grim, but at the same time gorgeous. Both the strength and weakness of Ergo Proxy are found in its vagueness and philosofical question raising. It’s intellectually engaging to tie the ends together of this complex sci-fi narratic. Yet the ultimate selling point are the characters, robotgirl Pino and the sceptical Re-L. I can’t believe I still haven’t rewatched this as it practically screams for it.

7. One Piece

Toei Animation / Synopsis / Wikipedia

It’s great, fantastic, fun, it’s anything a shonen action adventure could ever be. What sets One Piece apart from the other longrunning shonen series, is imagination. Everything is possible in the world of OP. If you have an open mind, you will enter a neverending adventure with lots of humor, originality, friendship and action. One Piece doesn’t need a bigger story to be massively entertaining, but it has, and it’s one of such epic proportions that it’s even hard to grasp at the 450th episode. Bleach and Naruto have long lost their initial drive, but One Piece is still getting better and better.

6. Cross Game

SynergySP / Synopsis / Wikipedia

I didn’t know the work of mangaka Mitsuru Adachi before I discovered Cross Game, and what a shame. To tell a story without sarcasm, violence and sexism is so rare these days, but Adachi does it with such ease and verve. Compared to other anime, Cross Game is so normal, almost bland and completely focusses on character interaction. Subtlety, honnesty and great witty conversations are used to present lovable straightforward characters. It’s not about cheap thrills and emotions, nor panty shots or exaggerated cliffhangers, most of the time it’s not even about baseball. It’s about wonderful people.


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