All 50 Approved – Time – 15-11

May 21, 2010

This top 50 in all its eternal glory is just a momentary state of mind. Two months ago I came up with the idea of ranking my favourite anime. Easily impressed it wasn’t long before I had 50 shows I couldn’t leave out. I systematicaly divided the selection into two pools, one better one worse, and again and again. A fine tric for more intuitive ranking, because when you think about it, it’s comparing apples and oranges. The result is in favor of my more subjective favourites and that’s how it should be. But I also realise these are the shows that I value more or less depending on my mood. Even though my personal feelings might change in time, I don’t think this makes a momentary ranking less true.

Time. It is not by coincidence that it’s such a reoccurring theme in anime. It’s one of the points where live-action is limited. Anime characters can stay forever young, or they can age in seconds. Time skips are always great. Youth memories, time travel and futuristic scenery, they can add so much to the already timeless anime world.

15. Mahoromatic

Gainax / Synopsis / Wikipedia

It’s hard explaining why Mahoromatic got as high as the 15th place, leaving various criticly acclaimed masterpieces behind. It’s not original, it’s even very unoriginal; the kind of fanservice show that comes in pairs every season. In the case of Mahoromatic, I just like it. More than any of those other shows. Maybe because it doesn’t feel forced and still goes way over the top. Maybe because I just like Mahoro. And ecchi scenes. Guilty pleasure?

14. Mushishi

Artland / Synopsis / Wikipedia

In a slow relaxing atmosphere unsettling abstractions called “mushi” influence the world, like ancient forces of nature. In this world the stoic composed Ginko travels around as a mushi-expert. With patience and knowledge he deals with mushi problems. Leaving you overwhelmed by the magnificance of nature and soothed by the beauty of it.

13. School Rumble

Studio Comet / Synopsis / Wikipedia

My alltime favourite comedy. No satire or reference humor, just plain old love comedy with misunderstandings and funny coincidences. Never wtf, but always deliciously weird. And in spite of the focus on comedy, the underlying romances really work. I think I was rooting for all pairings they hinted at.

12. Wolf’s Rain

Bones / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Ah, the wolves! I love the ending song with the running wolf so much, I never skipped a second of it, watching it in trance, so simple, so beautiful. In general the concept of Wolf’s Rain is just very good. The free spirit and raw emotions of the wolves in an all too human world. It’s poetry.

11. Baccano

Brains Base / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Baccano is a rollercoaster. Fast and stylish, instantly loved characters, it is litterally over once you understand what’s going on. It’s so immediate; throwing you in the middle of years of actions and developments, and it works. Did I already say instantly loved characters? Fast? Stylish? Isaac and Miria?


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