All 50 Approved – Design my world – 20-16

May 19, 2010

Every anime has been created from nothing; a blank paper and a pencil. The possibilities are endless, only limited by our own imagination. Reality is only a starting point for animating anything you can ever think of, because it makes no difference whether the sky is green or people can fly. Nonetheless every alternate world needs to have a certain familiarity, otherwise it would distract the viewer from the main story. As a result most anime take place in the world as we know it, only altered slightly when it is interesting for the story. Call me escapist, but I prefer it when they stear away as far as possible from reality. Flying islands, spider shaped castles and shuriken galaxies. They should exist.

Let’s enter the top 20…

20. Dennou Coil

Madhouse Studios / Synopsis / Wikipedia

This show would have made the list only with its looks. Dennou Coil looks like a child’s world: full of imagination and a bit dirty, easy to relate to, yet fresh and original. All in all, the design is amazing. On top of that the story and characters are engaging and imaginative, almost like a sci-fi version of a Ghibli movie.

19. Ichigo Mashimaro

Daume / Synopsis / Wikipedia

The name says it all: Strawberry Marshmellow; beware of sugary amounts of cute moments. It’s definitely a sweet and kawaii show, but more important, it’s damn funny. The enormous energy of Miu, the sisterly quarrels between Chika and Nobue, the helpless victim Matsuri and the selfconscious cute Ana. Out of all the series with four girls, this is my favourite.

18. Mononoke

Toei Animation / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Mononoke is different, a rare viewing experience. It’s a bunch of stories involving The Medicine Man solving mysterious curses. The art resembles traditional japanese ukiyo-e prints and is filled with color and symbol. In a way it’s ugly, but also fascinating and captivating. In no time you get sucked into the strange world for thrilling and even scary stories.

17. Hajime no Ippo

Madhouse Studios / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Sport series are often neglected by anime fans. In a case like Ippo, this is a shame. Hajime no Ippo follows every cliché of the shonen genre and the sports genre, but it is so damn effective that you will rush through all episodes wanting more. Great humor and colorful characters, boxing has never been more exciting.

16. Monster

Madhouse Studios / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Intriguing, intellectual and sensational. Monster’s well constructed story and plot give it the same quality as international thriller tv-series. The pace is slow to allow for character development, but the tension is always present and the mystery keeps deepening along the way.


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