All 50 Approved – Teach me – 25-21

May 13, 2010

After all these years I’m not sure whether I like japan because of what it is, or because it’s an imposed feeling after consuming too much anime. Things like japanese history, food culture or religion are not really my cup of tea, but lots of series have awoken my interests in these things and even more obscure stuff like mahjong. Is it because the small hints at these things make me curious for more? Or is it because I feel a little frustrated when I miss the meaning of something out of ignorance?  I often put my episode on hold and dive in google or wikipedia for more information. Who ever said cartoons are not educational?
Number 25 is a perfect example of this; my next batch of favourite anime..

25. Sengoku Basara

Production I.G. / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Incredible over-the-top confrontations between the famous warclans of the historical Sengoku-era in Japan. Loosely based on history (and physics), the battles are outragious and the characters caricatural: horse biker gang leader Date Masamune, gundam Tadakatsu, evil lord Nobunaga,.. Sengoku Basara is a fun example of “more is better”.

24. Hunter x Hunter

Nippon Animation / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Timeproof shonen classic. A perfect mix of lighthearted adventure and lurking darkness. HxH stays away from the pitfalls of the genre and contantly reinvents itself without looking forced. Also starring the most intriguing bad guy in anime: the cool and creepy Hisoka.

23. Honey & Clover 2

J.C. Staff / Synopsis / Wikipedia

The kind of real human drama that you never see in shows like Clannad. Unrequited love and difficult life choices are brought up with nuances and dealt with in a subtle mature way. The situations and the emotional struggle are very recognisable and thought provoking. The second season is less heavy on the drama and shows the same characters after their phase of personal growth.

22. Great Teacher Onizuka

Studio Pierrot / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Onizuka is the most badass unconventional awesome teacher you will ever see. Painfully honnest, fueled by passion, noncomformist and with a heart of gold: my alltime favourite character. GTO would be much higher on the list if I didn’t know the even better manga version.

21. Gungrave

Madhouse Studios / Synopsis / Wikipedia

I’m surprisingly fond of Gungrave, but not because of the insane gun fights. It’s a compelling story of friendship, treason and revenge. A godfather-like saga of the rise and fall of a crime syndicate.


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