B Gata H Kei is textbook shoujo

May 10, 2010

This weekend I started watching B Gata H Kei, a new series about a high school girl aiming to have 100 sex partners. You might conclude this will be another brainless ecchi show, but it’s actually quite refreshing. My verdict after the first 5 episodes would be that it’s engaging, surprisingly romantic and with a lot of great comedy. In fact, it’s a smart new concept: shoujo in ecchi disguise.

Don't be misled by the thong, look at the bubbles!

Meet Yamada, hottest girl in school and a secret pervert only thinking about sex. But beneath appearances she’s also inexperienced and insecure (and not only because she looks strange down there). She is our shoujo heroine, good looking and popular, but still struggling with her love live, with some strange quirks but in her heart a nice person. In total shoujo style she is constantly overthinking, fantasizing and doing impulsive emotional things. Well ofcourse, she’s a girl.

shoujo with a twist

The first victim in Yamada’s sex conquest is a rather bland innocent boy from class. Not particular good looking (not so shoujo, but I persist in my analogy), but a genuine nice guy, dependable and honnest. An easy target if it weren’t for Yamada. Combining bold moves and a tsundere attitude with a lot of overthinking, fantasizing and impulsive emotional things, the progress falls back to dating, awkward first kisses and romantic feelings. She even stays up all night making valentine chocolat. A good thing she has her personal chibi sex god to keep her on the right path. A true shoujo heroine has to fight for her dreams while enduring romance!

The reason why guys enjoy shoujo is because one awesome fleshed out lead girl character is clearly superior to a whole harem of uninspired one-dimensional babes. Now imagine reducing the bishies and adding some sex comedy, genre Coupling. The potential is huge! Look what happened to shonen. Fangirls have penetrated the world of shonen with  their yaoi-infested minds, Zoro x Sanji doujinshi are just wrong. D. Gray Man has more handsome men then Ouran High School and shows like Kuroshitsuji and Hakuouki don’t even hide their fujoshi target audience. This perverted version of Koukou Debut is the start of a new generation. Yamada, go!


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