All 50 Approved – Genre Classics – 35-31

April 30, 2010

When you first start your conquest of the anime world, you stand before such a mountain of classics and recommended watches that you barely know where to start. On top of that, everyone is talking about these awesome shows you haven’t watched. I suffer from the afraid-of-missing-out syndrome. Before I could even imagine starting a blog like this, I had to see at least that series,  and that, and that,..  I’m glad I’m finally beyond that point, but also a bit sad. The idea of having already seen the best, is somewhat depressing. Like this passion for anime is destined to end at some thirdrate serie. But regardless of this feeling, my watch list still increases. Every season new discoveries can be made, rewatching favourites is a whole new fun experience and there are still some awesome shows everyone is talking about with me missing out: Ghost in the Shell SAC, Mobile Suit Gundam, Serial Experiments Lain,..
For every show you haven’t seen from this top 50, you’re missing out!

35. Terra e

Tokyo Kids / Synopsis / Wikipedia

I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful 80’s shoujo character designs. They give a unique look to this epic space opera, which has both superb drama and grand sci-fi space conflicts. Shamefully overlooked by the anime fandom, Terra e offers the highest quality in almost every aspect. Every episode is top notch and never fails to impress.

34. Ouran High School Host Club

Bones / Synopsis / Wikipedia

The one shoujo show that has unanimous approval of the male audience is ironically a reverse harem revolving around a bunch of stereotype bishonen. The brilliance of OHSHC lies in the smart playful way they exploit the good points of those types, while never limiting a personality to them. The Host Club offers a lot of fun from the start, gradually adding layers to the characters, deepening the emotional impact and resulting in highly effective romance. It’s also very hard to dislike Tamaki, the naive optimistic host club king.

33. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kyoto Animation / Synopsis / Wikipedia

The most well deserved hype from recent years. An original concept, unconventional storytelling, great looking animation and an all star cast: the tsundere goddess Haruhi, fleshmade moe Mikuru, gently unthawing Yuki and witty sarcastic Kyon, one of the best male romcom leads ever.

32. Seirei no Moribito

Production I.G. / Synopsis / Wikipedia

I’m a fantasy fan and Seirei no Moribito is the single best fantasy anime, only perhaps rivaled by Guin Saga, which isn’t even on this list. Incredible animation from Production I.G., a multi-layered story, well developed characters and a rich world with its own political, social and spiritual aspects. On top of that, the main hero is a strong female warrior, already reason enough to treasure this.

31. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Bones / Synopsis / Wikipedia

This currently airing remake of FMA disregards all plot discrepancies from the first adapation and follows the manga exactly. A manga containing one of the most intelligent shonen action stories, with various factions and political powerplays rather than overpowered superheroes. The world of FMA knows no black or white, it’s very human and balanced. Every character and storyline has a clear purpose: an amazing build up to increasingly awesome revelations and stand-offs between the different factions. Every week it gets better and better to the point where this 31st place is already dated. It’s leaping forward to become one of my very favourites.


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