All 50 Approved – Out of Bounds – 40-36

April 26, 2010

A lot of people never escape their favourite genre(s) and limit their anime watch list to those that contain the right ingredients. They have the most wonderful reason to refuse to watch other genres: they hate it in advance. I believe myself to have grown up from such behaviour and even more, I’m always open to try new things, be it shoujo, seinen or kodomo.

In this frame of mind I tried getting a taste of some old classics, girly romances, hardcore mecha, experimental stuff, even borderline hentai, and now I can honnestly say I like the medium of japanese animation as a whole even though my genre preferences stay somewhat the same. Most of all, I’ve found some gems where I didn’t expect them, outside the borders of my favourite genres and ingredients. It all comes down to: not hating in advance.
Now, from 40 to 36 of this slowly progressing list.

40. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

SHAFT / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Wordplays and heavy culture-and-society referenced humor. Two things that aren’t easy to overcome for non-japanese viewers. But thanks to iconic characters (sensei!, chiri!, stalkergirl!, kiri!, maria!), visual flair and the instant classic catchphrase “Zetsuboushita”, SZS has taken a lead position in anime comedy.

39. Chi’s Sweet Home

Madhouse Studios / Synopsis / Wikipedia

A children’s show about a kitten with 3 minute long episodes. Irresistable cute in recognisable situations. The little adventures are sometimes funny, sometimes tear inducing, but should always have some impact on any cat lover (or cat liker like myself). The range of cute expressions on Chi’s face is also pretty impressing.

38. Moyashimon

Shirogumi Inc. / Synopsis / Wikipedia

A show about bacteria and life on agriculture college. The concept is just so incredibly awesome that it can’t go wrong from here. Moyashimon is funny, original and educational. Both the mature comedy and the informative qualities score high points in my book. Ofcourse its a Noitamina show to pull that off.

37. Hatsukoi Limited

J.C. Staff / Synopsis / Wikipedia

It’s hard to pinpoint what I like about Hatsukoi. It’s a standard high school romcom like so many others, maybe a bit more innocent. The romances are more heartwarming than exciting. The humor is more slice-of-life than comedy. I guess I just like the soft cute designs of the girls.

36. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gainax / Synopsis / Wikipedia

No need for introduction, Evangelion was groundbreaking in its time and still stands today as a must-see. Characters that are inherently flawed and insecure, but have inspired a whole generation. The story delves deep in human psychology and still offers exciting battles and a convincing sci-fi reality. I’m waiting eagerly for the 3rd and 4th movie.


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