All 50 Approved – Everyone likes lists – 50-46

March 1, 2010

Now I’m here with this blog, there is too little written and too much to write about. My easy way out is to start with my 50 favourite anime. Just series, no movies yet. This will be a huge boost for my content and at the same time a way to introduce myself by my anime taste. And. I really like lists. When I’m browsing animenano, I open every post with the hint of a possible list. Yes even the 20th post about next seasons line-up. As any good list, I’ll start at the bottom and I have to say that even these bottom rankers are pretty good shows. No more stalling, 3, 2, 1

50. Darker than Black

Studio Bones / Synopsis / Wikipedia

An action series that hits the right spot. With a typical setup: people with special powers fighting eachother. But better than the pack. The plotlines are quite serious, the pace slow but rewarding, the characters all have a certain coolness (never over the top) and most important: the action sequences are fluent, fast and unpredictable.

I particularly like Hei, the protagonist. His apparent apathy but slightly different way of acting is one of my personal favourite examples of good “show not tell” character development. He’s also cool as hell.

49. BECK

Madhouse Studios / Synopsis / Wikipedia

A coming-of-age story about a couple of youngsters playing in a rockband. I like it especially because of the music theme, but I never loved it because the music’s not my taste and that is sometimes bummer. Because the music, the exciting world of the underground rock scene and the personal growth of the characters really work well together. If you ever played in a band, you’ll like it.

48. Eden of the East

Production I.G. / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Last springs top show. Cleverly written Hollywood-style anime. Feels every bit like watching a movie. Driving on mystery and carefully releasing tips, it has also maturity in its storytelling. And it has Oasis for its opening song.

47. Shigurui

Madhouse Studios / Synopsis / Wikipedia

Menacing. Shigurui is a dark samurai series with a lot of tension and a very slow pace. It can be gore, but consistently with a sense of beauty and style. Its like youre watching a dangerous beast sleeping. Without much happening, it can still get under your skin.

46. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu!

Kyo-Ani / Synopsis / Wikipedia

A spin-off story of the mecha-franchise Full Metal Panic, focusing on high school comedy and a bit of romance. The most common thing of all anime. Fumoffu is however very funny. It’s been a long time since I watched it but I still remember some scenes and smile. I think the magic tric behind this show is that the characters are not written to be comedy chars and are more believable in their hilarious situations. Believable is really too strong a word tho =)


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