Hello world!

February 22, 2010

The first post, the first words, my first steps forward out of the masses of the anonymous. Let’s start with me admitting I have not yet determined where this blog will take me. I figured that would lead to some problems, but I didn’t realise the problems would start so soon. This first post seems like the perfect place to state my reasons and my goals for this blog, but there is not much to say about them. The former is commonplace, I need an audience for thoughts I myself think are interesting but my everydaylive friends don’t. Or not yet. Friends are by definition people who are worth trying to convince. The latter is lacking. There is no clear direction I want to go. Only vague intentions and an urge to write are driving me right now and because if this impulsive start, this post might as well be the glorious ending of my blogging life.

Let’s not jump to conclusions. WordPress equiped me with the title “Hello World” and I shall incorporate the boundless optimism it holds in my mission statement. My first goal will be the search for a reason of existence. Which I’m sure exists. Any different would lead to endless philosophizing. So I will write just for the sake of writing. I will think for the sake of thinking. And I will proclaim this Limited Insight as my theme. Then one day I will look back and notice it all made sense.

In accordance to this mindset I can now tell what I do know. This blog will be about manga, anime and some other random japan related things. This is my passion for lots of reasons I might try to elaborate on later. I am however not obsessed or biased in these matters, mostly just curious or intrigued. (or I try to be) Im a native dutch speaker, so the pace of this blog, like my writing, is slow. It occurs often that a perfect dutch description gets lost in translation and my brain just freezes for an extended time. I’m pretty excited about this little project and there’s a lot of initial ideas that might get published here. But first I’m gonna take it slow, learn how to navigate this thing and make this a place worth your time. doki doki!


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